Many small to medium-sized law offices may benefit from using a virtual receptionist. It can make a big difference in client communication, and it can be a cost-effective solution for law firms whose budgets are limited. Find out six reasons why your law firm needs a virtual answering service.

1. Virtual Receptionists Maintain Attorney-Client Confidentiality

A reliable, professional virtual receptionist is trained to keep client information confidential. Many law firms see high rates of turnover with in-house receptionists, especially during times of expansion or change, and this can lead to concerns with maintaining confidentiality as they transition to a new role elsewhere. A virtual receptionist keeps client details secure.

2. Virtual Receptionists Make It Easier to Manage Your Busy Practice

Whether you’re a small or growing law firm, attorneys aren’t always available to answer phone calls. They may be litigating in court, having meetings with clients or busy conquering piles of paperwork. Whatever the reason, a virtual receptionist makes it easy for lawyers to maintain healthy communication with their clients.

3. Virtual Receptionists Keep Overhead Affordable

A full-time, in-house receptionist could cost as much as $40,000 annually, depending on experience or included benefits, such as health insurance. The hiring process is also time-consuming, using up valuable time you could be spending with clients. Using a virtual receptionist means you only pay for the time your receptionists spend on the phone, which can add up to big savings for your practice.

4. Virtual Receptionists Can Earn Client Referrals and Repeat Business

Clients who have their calls answered by a professional virtual receptionist are more likely to refer your business to their friends and family. Many studies have shown that clients are much more satisfied when their calls are answered by a real, live person as opposed to reaching voicemail. In fact, most callers who reach voicemail don’t leave a message and just move on to the next law firm.

5. Virtual Receptionists Can Maintain a Schedule

In your busy law office, keeping a well-organized schedule is important to ensure smooth operation of your business. Virtual receptionists, such as Easybee, can schedule appointments using your web-based calendar, relay messages and ensure calls get forwarded to the right person.

6. Virtual Receptionists Provide a Positive First Impression

Current and potential clients who are contacting law firms want a live voice at the end of the phone. Endless voicemail and phone trees spell frustration for clients. A live voice who can answer their questions, anticipate their needs and get them the information they want makes a world of difference when it comes to customer experience.

So whether you’re a small or medium-sized law firm, consider the services of a virtual receptionist to improve your customer service. To find out more about Easybee or to begin a free trial, call 305-447-7022. Watch this law firm answering service video for more information.