If you have to talk to a personal injury solicitor in the UK, do you know who to contact? When making a decision, look at the legal firm’s track record. Review what areas they cover first. They should be experienced in areas such as accidents claims, specialist cases, medical negligence, occupational illness, and professional negligence.

A Large Variety of Accidents

If you deal with a full-service firm such as Bentley Solicitors, you are guaranteed that your case will be handled by a solicitor with expert knowledge of the specialty area. For example, accident claims in and of themselves cover a large variety of accidents. They can be categorised as road accidents; accidents at work; motorbike accidents; slips, trips, and falls; and military injuries. You can also include industrial diseases, serious injuries, and sports injuries under these claims.

The idea behind an accident claim is to prove the other party’s negligence. That way, you can show that the injury could have been avoided if the other party would have been acting more responsibly. Even under the heading of road accidents, you can sue for compensation under various types of claims. These claims cover pedestrian accidents, cycling mishaps, passenger accidents, vehicle accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

If you have an accident at work, it may include an accident at a construction site or a slip-and-fall at an unsafe and hazardous industrial site. Accidents also occur in the office, on farms, and in factories or warehouses. Military injuries may also be included under work accident claims.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can result from one of various conditions. For example, if the other party did not set out a sign that indicated a floor was wet and you slipped, fell, and hurt yourself, you may have a claim. Other reasons that slips, trips, and falls happen may be due to uneven or cracked pavements, uneven flooring, or inadequate lighting. An unexpected obstacle may also cause you to take a tumble.

Industrial Diseases and Conditions

A number of industrial diseases or conditions may be filed under accident claims as well. For example, people may experience a hearing loss from working in an industrial plant or may contract a disease such as cancer. Occupational dermatitis may also result from working at certain sites as well as occupational asthma. Asbestosis or mesothelioma are yet other conditions that can be included in this category. Some people, after a while, experience hand-arm vibration syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, or vibration white finger from working at an industrial site.

If you do have an accident claim, the first step that you want to take is to arrange a consultation. You can either complete an online contact form or email the solicitor’s office about your circumstance. A free consultation will then be arranged so you can obtain the needed advice.