Your divorce has been finalized and you have a co-parenting agreement with your ex-spouse. However, you need a great deal of effort and time if you want to have more parenting time with your kids. Sometimes, it is not easy to make an adjustment that will satisfy both parties and the court. If you are looking to have more visitation, make sure you know your legal options. The tips below can help you get started:

Discuss the Matter with the Other Parent

You and your ex-spouse might be able to talk about your intentions over coffee if you are amicable. Make sure you remain open and control your emotions. It can emotional and disappointing to negotiate time with your kids. Don’t forget that your ex is also thinking about the value they place on your relationship with you and their regard to kids’ welfare. Be respectful so there is hope of getting a kind response from your ex.

Be There when your Co-Parent Needs Help with your Children

Whenever your ex contacts you to ask help with your kids, be always available and dependable. You will want to take advantage of opportunities when your co-parent cannot take your children. Offer to send the kids to after-school activities or be there during sports games or school functions.

Opt for Mediation

If you and your ex cannot agree on a new custody schedule, consider mediation. This lets you decide the best for your kids without the interference of anybody. Mediation lets you two discuss your wishes for the new agreement, with the presence of a mediator who serves as an unbiased party. With mediation, you and your ex should agree on the decision before finalizing it. Compared with a court decision, mediation allows you to have the final say.

Go to Court

In case mediation does not work, you may not have other options but to seek a modification of the custody agreement from the court. You will need to file a motion requesting the custody agreement order’s modification. If a court accepts it, they will review the current custody arrangement and consider the newly proposed arrangement. It is likely for the court to decide to stand by the current custody order or adjust it based on your children’s interest. Learn more by clicking here.

Parents who cannot handle changes to the child custody arrangement must seek the assistance of a family lawyer. The attorney will offer legal counsel on their parental rights and may mediate custody changes or represent them in court.