You are a careful driver. When you are on the road, the safety of yourself, your passengers, and your fellow drivers comes first. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for every motorist. If you have been injured in an auto accident and you believe it was the fault of the other driver, then you should build up a case and sue.

The first thing you should do is contact a lawyer. Before you take any official action you will need a legal strategy, or at least the beginnings of one. A personal injury lawyer such as the ones found at will want to hear your side of the story. They will ask you to recount the events that led to the accident and all that happened afterward. This will form the basis of the legal strategy they will subsequently construct.

The Consequences of an Accident

Seeking compensation for an accident caused by a reckless or negligent driver is not an act of revenge; it is a pursuit of justice. An auto accident can severely disrupt your life. If you are seriously hurt in the accident, you will need to spend some time in the hospital, which will lead to the accumulation of medical bills. You may also have to pay expenses for long-term rehabilitation treatment. Once you go back to your job, you may find it necessary to reduce the amount of hours you work owing to the degraded state of your health.

It can be difficult to cope with the stress and strain of additional bills and lost income while you recover from the physical injuries caused by the accident. You should not have to shoulder the burden of this accident alone. The person who caused it should be held accountable.

What Your Attorney Will Do

Personal injury lawyers specialize in this particular area of tort law. They have the expertise and experience to get you fair and just compensation. Here are some of the actions your lawyer will take:

Gather the Facts

Your lawyer will review the police report of the accident. They will also employ their own professional investigators to re-examine the scene, re-interview witnesses, obtain any surveillance camera footage that might be available, and look into the background of the other driver. If the person who hit you was drinking before the accident or was being distracted while driving or has caused similar accidents in the past, your lawyer will find out about it and use it to advance your case.

Introduce Forensic Evidence

Tire marks, shattered glass, the nature and position of the damage to both vehicles—these all tell a story of how the accident unfolded. Your lawyer will bring in auto-accident reconstruction experts who will develop a simulation of the accident based on the evidence at the scene. Your lawyer will also bring in medical experts who can testify or make sworn statements that only an auto accident could have produced the injuries you sustained.