In event of you receiving treatment from a dentist, doctor or other healthcare professional that becomes negligent in performing his or her duty according to set standards of care, you are entitled to file compensation claim against them. However, in order to make your medical malpractice compensation claim to become successful, you would be required to prove a couple of things.

  • Firstly, the care provided was below the accepted and expected standard of care.
  • Secondly, the unacceptable standard of care by the medical professional has caused injury, additional suffering and pain to you.

How to investigate the claim for medical negligence

In event of you having suffered result of medical negligence, your best bet would be to contact specialist medical malpractice attorney. The medical malpractice attorney should be highly experienced and competent to handle different kinds of medical negligence claims in his or her career. However, the point to consider would be his or her winning percentage in the handled cases.

What would the specialist attorney do?

The specialist attorney would take details from you pertaining to the nature of medical malpractice. Only after taking comprehensive details, they would be able to advice on whether you have a legitimate claim or not. They would be required to know about:

  • Personal details of the patient suffering injuries from medical malpractice treatment
  • Name of doctor or specialist providing medical care or treatment
  • Address of all hospitals and doctor’s surgeries where such treatment is provided
  • Date of providing medical treatment
  • Reason for making claim for medical malpractice
  • Injury, additional suffering or pain caused by medical malpractice treatment

Only after the attorney has discussed the case with you, the malpractice attorney would be able to provide you with the following:

  • Advice on proceedings of the claim along with likely outcome
  • Discussion on appropriate funding ways
  • Giving indication on tentative amount of compensation to be expected
  • Explaining the overall strength and weak points in your respective case
  • Giving knowledge on approximate time to be taken by the claim

What could be the compensation amount to be received?

In event of you medical malpractice being successful, you would receive claim amount from the opposite party. The compensation amount would be determined based on the following:

  • Loss of past and future earnings
  • Expenses incurred on medical care and treatment
  • Cost of additional equipment for your car or house

Only a competent and experienced Jackson South Hospital accident lawyer would help you file and win the claim.