The Express Entry program is the most reliable immigration program among the most popular migration programs in the world. It is so admired because it offers applicants the golden opportunity of moving to one of the best countries to reside in the whole world.  The global Canada immigration scenario has been altering rapidly for the past few years. If, you are looking for Canada Permanent Residency in this year, you must aware about the latest changes in immigration laws, especially in Express Entry program. Canadian immigration authority has made some changes in the immigration laws in the last few months. Immigration Lawyers Toronto wants to make you update with a few immigration rule changes which are implemented by immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in the last few months. These law changes are going to put a great impact on your Canada PR application.

The conditional PR rule is demolished

Canadian immigration authority has demolished the conditional Permanent Rule. Under this rule, some sponsored spouses or Common-law partner has to stay with the better half for minimum 2 years for getting PR.

Dependent children age has extended up to 22

The IRCC has now extended the dependent children age from 19 to 22. Now it is possible to add your child Under 22 years in your PR application.

New changes have appeared in 2018

The Federal Express Entry system is the most eminent CRS based immigration system of Canada, which not only speed up the application process but also has established to migrate the most skillful individuals to Canada. The Canadian government has made a few alterations in Express entry laws and requirements.

  • Canada has two native languages such as English and French. Fresh is the most spoken language in the nation so Canadian government has implemented a new rule ,Now applicants can get up to 30 extra CRS points with strong French language skill.
  • Moreover, Additional 15 points can be gotten if applicants have siblings in Canada. But, their siblings must have Permanent residency or Canadian Citizenship.
  • Now, creating an account in Job Bank is not obligatory. But in the past, it was mandatory for every applicant.

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