When our life comes to an end, all of our possessions and our wealth does not follow us afterward. This is why using a solicitor to arrange a will is very important; they can help you to make sure that all that you do leave behind goes to the right person. Not only can this stop people from bickering in bereavement over your estate and earnings, it can put debates and stressful arguments in the family to bed before anyone can contest it.

To get a will written and enshrined in law, though, you need to use a solicitor. A solicitor can act as a guarantor that you agreed to the process and that you were in sound mind as you did so. Wills can vary from a basic will, costing you around £200, to a more specialist will which could cost you closer to £600 it all depends on what you want to put into the will, and how much you are willing to work with involved things like overseas property and other such issues.

Hiring a solicitor means that:

  • You have full protection if anything goes wrong; they can act as a judicator for your will and ensure that everything goes through accordingly.
  • They handle all of the dull stuff, ensuring that things like inheritance law does not have to become something you need to fully understand.

Preparing Your Will

The first thing that you should do is make sure that you carefully think about what you wish to put in your will. Your solicitor cannot tell you what you want to put in there, so you need to decide what you wish to include in there.

If you do this, then you are much more likely to make sure that you leave the right kind of items to the correct people. Remember that an appointment with a solicitor will cost you, so you need to make sure that you arrive at the signing of the will with a clear idea of what you want to avoid wasting time.

Speak with the family members and those who you trust most, and try to form an unbiased consensus as to what you want to leave to people. You might want to leave a particular heirloom to someone who might not appreciate it as much as you would expect, for example.

Once you work out the above, you should go and see a solicitor. Done right, they can organise your will and have everything prepared and ready to go in as short a timeframe as is possible.